auto accessories

Autostrada can supply a range of automotive accessories, safety accessories, which include the following.

Reverse Sensors
Tragically each year many people are injured and some critically from accidents involving vehicles reversing. Many vehicles, especially four wheel drives, have very limited visibility behind them. Reverse sensors are a very effective way of monitoring what is behind you while reversing. As you near an object the sensors will detect it and will issue an audible warning to alert the driver of an obstacle.

These kits include four sensors which can be painted to match the vehicle colour. Other options include front sensors and display screens; we can even integrate the display into a reversing monitor.

Reverse Cameras and Monitors
We have a range of cameras and monitors so you can see blind spots right around your vehicle. For maximum peace of mind why not combine the reversing sensors with a monitor. If the reverse sensor goes off you can immediately see what is behind you.

We have a range of cameras and monitors to fit any requirement including OEM auto dimming replacement mirror monitors.

Other Accessories
We also offer a range of more traditional accessories such as Headlights on kits, Power Windows, Alarms, Immobilisers, Sirens, Diesel Fuel Filter kits and more.

Autostrada has a wealth of experience with manufacturing, electronics and wiring systems. We can customise a product to suit your needs. Please visit ABOUT US for more information or CONTACT US here.