speed limiters

The Autostrada road speed limiter (RSL) is perfect for ensuring that a pre-set maximum speed is not exceeded.

With a Speed Limiter installed, the following benefits can be achieved;
  • Increased road safety.
  • Reduced incidence of speeding fines.
  • Reduced vehicle wear & tear.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced vehicle emissions.
Aside from the personal safety benefits, that can translate into huge savings every year. Our speed Limiters can be supplied in 3 different operation modes;
  • Voluntary switched. ( You select the maximum speed ).
  • Keyed switch. ( For operating on a work/mine site ).
  • Fixed. ( Fixed maximum speed, eg; 100kph ).
Our speed Limiters meet EU requirements for reduction of pollutants from transportation, & can be easily installed in most vehicles with an electronic throttle pedal.

A Speed Limiter is particularly attractive to anyone who is interested in reduced running costs, lower fuel consumption and increased safety.